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Are you a home practioner or clinic and want to take your business online. Clinare is the right choice. We will provide you a free website with an integrated booking system.

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Why Choose Clinare ?

Clinare will help you to add more efficiency to your healthcare service. Long queues are over now. Patients can choose suitable time. Patients dont need to come and pre-book anymore.

Instant Website that You Can Customize

You will get a free website hosted as part of clinare. You can customize site from clinare dashboard. If you already have a website. Dont worry, clinare can be integrated with that one as well.

Flexible Booking Slots

No limit for booking slots. You can decide how many patients you want to attend. It is totally flexible.

Staff Management At Ease

You could manage staff easly. You can assign roles, add tasks etc. Everything is doable here.

Dedicated Database. Just For You

We will store your data in a separate database. If you wish to leave clinare in future. No worries, we got you covered. We could share your database with you.


Our user friendly dashboard will make your job much easier. Clinare is one of a kind and it using combined techniques of modern framwork to deliver top notch user experience. Signup now to transform your clinic. We have a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs. Checkout now.


Our Features

Booking system

People love to make bookings through mobile. Thats why we deliver a booking system that specially designed to enhance mobile experience. Also added otp authentication will make booking experience more secure and sound.

Flexible booking slots

Our workflow is different. You decide your working hours and booking slots. There is no limitation for booking slots.


We are aware that all of your patients may not be able to do online bookings. That’s why we have walkins . You can add as much as walkins. It is unlimited and free.

Medical data

No more papers. We know the importance of medical records and with technologies we want to improve the methods as possible. By choosing clinare you could save medical data in a highly secure isolated database. This way you could see all of your patient medical history when required. This can help you to create more accurate medical diagnoses.

User management

You could add multiple staff to clinare. We have predefined user roles like administrator, nurse, doctor, and other staff members. You could even create custom roles with appropriate permissions.

Website builder

We have a couple of templates tailored for clinics. You could choose any one of that or can make anything from scratch. You don’t need to know coding to make a website. Our friendly UI will provide everything necessary to build your site.

Our Services

domain name

Domain name

Normally you will get a url ending with clinare.in . But you could still choose your own url. Our team will help you to buy a new domain for your site and help you to integrate with clinare.

booking system integration

Booking System Integration

We got you an amazing booking system. Are you worried that you already have website and clinare will replace it. Dont worry, You could still use old website with an integrated clinare booking system. Its totally upto you.

cloud management

Cloud Infrastucture Management

You can just relax. We do all the heavy lifting for you. We will manage all the cloud and network infrastructure for you.

email and sms notification

Email and SMS Notification

We don’t want your patients to miss their appointments. Clinare is integrated with email and sms apis. We would sent automatic emails and sms notifications for events like booking confirmations, appointment cancellations, reminder emails etc. This way patients will be more aware about their appointments.

Let us help you to get your clinic online . We are excited to give you the tour.

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